Frequently Asked Questions

Is it enough to used 1 bottle of MemeThol?

The use of 1 bottle of MemeThol will usually suffice for1st and 2nd stage hemorrhoid patients. 3rd and 4th stage hemorrhoid patients should use2 bottles of MemeThol. (There should not be a dayinterval between the using of 2 bottles.)After the use of 1 bottle of the 1st and 2nd stagepatients and 2 bottles of the 3rd and 4th stagepatients, the process of healing in the area continuesfor 20-30 days. The result can be seen after this time iscompleted. After this period is completed, if required;1st and 2nd stage patients may use 2nd bottle, 3rd and4th stage patients may use 3rd bottle.

I am pregnant can I use the MemeThol?

There is insufficient data on the use of memeThol in pregnant women.

MemeThol is only recomended for use in pregnancy when benefit outweighs risk (unless there is no other treatment option) or should only be used with a doctor’s recommendation.

After using MemeThol, bleeding was observed. Should I continue to use it?

Can I discontinue to use MemeThol after using for 3 days?

While using MemeThol, a burning sensation was observed. Is it normal?

Can lactating women use the product?

Does MemeThol contain herbal ingredients?

What would happen if I missed the use of MemeThol for one day?

Can MemeThol be used two times daily?

Can I use any other hemorrhoids product (cream, tablets…etc) along with MemeThol?

After using MemeThol, there was a cold feeling sensation. Is it normal?

Who can use MemeThol?

I have used MemeThol without shaking. Is that ok?

Is MemeThol only used for internal hemorrhoids or also external hemorrhoids?

Are there any side effects with MemeThol?

Can MemeThol be used by children under the age of 15?

Does MemeThol contain paraben and cortisone?