Leven Medical care is a pharmaceutical company with a huge distribution network all over the Pakistan and marketing path of some of health related products that is serving Pakistan since 2010. With over 42 distributors We are distributing and marketing the world’s best, accredited and innovative, researched based health care products in Pakistan. We also have affiliations with national and international pharmaceutical companies. We also having partners with us nation wide and internationally. We are working around the clock in collaboration with the global health care organizations to enhance the health standards and business outcomes in Pakistan. We are distributing and marketing the registered and researched products aiming to provide the ultimate benefits to the end-users. We are proud of our culture of engagement and innovation that rewards people for innovative thinking and achievement of key objectives. We provide free doctors consultancy for few problems, particularly for Hemorrhoids and kidney related issues. Each individual patient’s circumstances, concerns, struggles and successes are as unique as their needs.  Every thing we make and bring it to you people just to improve health standards in Pakistan. That’s our commitment to respond to the challenges and developed such products that keep you healthy,  help you feel and move better.


Being a Chief Executive Officer, when I optically canvass the progress over the years we have achieved, I am intensely proud of what we have achieved, and even more exhilarated about our perspective for a promising future. We on the forefront of healthcare change, turning innovative science into value for patients. By repeating this cycle continuously. We are pursuing the sustainable growth of corporate value. Our unwavering commitment to our patients requires that we act responsibly on all fronts. Our actions are for the benefit of the patients we serve across the country, our company, our employees, our stakeholders and distributors and our communities. Pakistan have more health challenges, masses don’t have access to the basic health facilities. With these challenges, We pledge to contribute more to make this country healthier. i am working to brings innovative and researched based products with latest science and technology for the sake of health Pakistan. I introduced many innovative and researched based health related products and many products are in que, soon they will also will be available in Pakistan.

To lead the market by providing our customers with high-quality innovative products and services. Our goal is to become the biggest distributor in Pakistan.

To uplift the health standards in Pakistan by participating in the creation of high-quality drugs. We aim to create awareness among the people regarding the importance and benefits of researched and modernized products. Healthy Pakistan is our dream.


Pakistan as a developing country is fighting in many fields due to which the health system has suffered a lot. According to the research, Pakistan has seen improvement in health care centers access and quality since 1990.One of the best medical company “Leven medical care” serve our self for the improvement and development of our country through our products and services for making Pakistan healthy  


The first priority is our company is that to delivery our product on a committed time in all over the Pakistan.We have a huge distribution network all over the Pakistan . our main aim is to deliver our products to our customers timely and speedy. Thats way we have more then thirty distributes all over the Pakistan to deliver our products timely. So that customers can easily received there orders with out delay.

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