MemeThol Barrier Spray

What is MemeThol Barrier Spray?

MemeThol Barrier Spray is a product used in the treatment of symptoms of hemorrhoids and anal fissure and is applied by spraying on only anal area.

The aim of MemeThol Barrier Spray is to reduce and eliminate the symptomatic complaints of hemorrhoids and anal fissure patients.

Memethol is not a medicine or food supplement.

It does not have any pharmacological, immunological or metabolic interactions. According to 93/42/EEC (European Economic Community) of the European Union (EU) concerning medical devices; Memethol Barrier Spray is a medical device in Class IIa

Results may vary from person to person. All claims are based on clinical studies and scientific research. Please read the instructions carefully before use.

No Side Effect

Complete Treatment

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  • Before starting to use MemeThol, all medicines, ointments, sprays, etc used for hemorrhoids should be discontinued. The use of MemeThol should be started at least 24 hours after discontinuing, and no other products should be applied to the anal area during the complete treatment.
  • Ensure that the anal area is clean and dry before using the product.
  • Remove the bottle from the box and SHAKE the bottle for at least 5-10 seconds.
  • To apply the product, take a position to be able to exactly spray at the anal area.
  • By turning the nozzle on top of the bottle upwards, and ensuring to spray exactly on the anal area, spray 8 times. Prevent contact with the genital area. (MemeThol must be used in a way closest to the diseased area at anal region.)
  • After spraying, it is advisable to wait for 1-2 minutes in the sitting position, so that the product does not flow and does not reach the genital area.
  • After waiting 1-2 minutes, you can wear your underwear.

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Customers Reviews

Mehboob Khan

appriciater product. a good turkish product. recomanded to all of you who are suffring from this problem.

Hamza Afzal

100% working product. recomanded to all of you who is suffring from this problem

Shahab Ali

Complete and innovative treatment for Hemorrhoids and Fissures and cure it permanently without surgery.

Engr Muhammad Naqi

Excellent product for fissures fast recovery i hope it will clear after discontinuing of the product.

Aslam Iqbal

Excellent Product. Recommended