Kidney Restore


Kidney Restore is Quantum R&D’s legacy product formulated to improves kidney function. This product was formulated using Quantum’s trademark technique called natural bioprogramming. This product gives the body key nutrients to repair damaged tissues in the kidneys. It also helps the body to cleanse itself of any toxins or heavy metals that have accumulated over time.This product was formulated for men and women over the age of eighteen experiencing mild to severe kidney disease.Kidney Restore is designed for people suffering from the following symptoms: Changes in urination (frequency, changes in color, blood in the urine, or foamy appearance)
Increased fatigue (muscle soreness, lightheaded, dizziness, shortness of breath, headaches) High blood pressure that is 135/85 or higher (which can cause kidney disease by weakening arteries that supply the kidneys)
Inflammation/swelling (Weak kidneys have a problem removing excess waste; this waste can cause your body to swell.) Pain in the lower back (around the kidneys) Toxin build up (bad breath, itching, nausea, metallic taste or rashes)